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Oracle steers GraalVM to the enterprise

By : Paul Krill on May 10 2019

GraalVM Enterprise brings performance and security extras to the shared runtime supporting JVM languages, JavaScript, and native code.

Oracle is offering an enterprise edition of its GraalVM multi-language virtual machine. A shared runtime for applications written in Java, Scala, Kotlin, JavaScript, Node.js, and native code, GraalVM Enterprise more

Microsoft: Just one .Net going forward

By : Paul Krill on May 10 2019

Microsoft .Net 5 will mark the end of .Net Core and the beginning of a single, unified .Net platform.

Microsoft’s next version of the .Net software development framework will be .Net 5, and it will be the only branch of .Net going forward. There will be no more

SAP commits to Experience Management following Qualtrics acquisition

By : Scott Carey on May 09 2019

Three months after completing its acquisition of the Utah-based SaaS vendor Qualtrics, business software giant SAP is bringing 'experience management' capabilities to its customers with a set of 10 initial use cases, all aimed at helping organisations to collect feedback from their customers and employees and pipe more

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